July 17, 2009

July is a hard time to write...

Dear wonderful readers.

I thought I'd be long into my third or fourth post by now about the 2009 FGC Gathering.


July has been wrought with travel plans. Followed by recovering from travels. Followed by preparing for more travels.

And in-between all that, there have been the minor things like paying bills, restocking the refrigerator, sorting through mail. Tending to Quaker committee work that has been my responsibility...

You get the idea.

Thanks for your patience. God willing, I'll return to my Gathering reflections later this month or--more likely--early August.



P.S. FGC's QuakerBooks now has Writing Cheerfully on the Web on its website.

1 comment:

Nate said...

Indeed Quakerbooks has "Walking.." on it's site and I just ordered my copy that way....hooray!