October 13, 2005

Sneak preview?!?
Exercised by the Spirit - NOT

Oh my. I was testing some Blogger email-related technology and it seems to have gone awry. The post that I was composing was displayed here long before I had finished writing it, seasoned it, edited it, and seasoned it some more.

My apologies to those who have caught the sneak preview, raw and unedited, and also to those who wondered where that post has gone to! I will certainly not be using that Blogger technology, despite its mention that "if you don't check the 'Publish' box, it won't publish on your blog." Hah! My experience tells me and shows me--and the rest of you--otherwise!

Stay tuned. This post will be coming.



Anonymous said...

This is one of the hard parts of an online community - how much to say of the difficult parts of our real life communities.

How have you done so far in testing your leadings against Scripture and tradition?

Liz Opp said...


Sorry to leave you and other readers in the dark by removing the post that was displayed here.

Let this be a caution to other Blogger users: Even though Blogger has a way for drafting a post with email and then emailing it to your account (and I thought saving it as a draft), apparently it gets published regardless of whether or not the blog-writer checks the "Publish" checkbox in Blogger's Template Settings.

Robin, the questions you raise in response to the premature post are exactly part of the editing and fleshing out that I have been doing. smile

So, if you don't mind, I'm going to sign off and delete that Blogger setting before something else gets emailed and posted without my consent!