January 15, 2006

Another piece of the puzzle

The other night I went to a fFriend's house to help her with a difficult section of a jigsaw puzzle she was working on. The Friend had already invited several others to work on it with her during the week; now it was my turn.

Of course by the time I got to work on the puzzle, only the most difficult part of it was left for us to do: blue alpine sky; blue-white mountain tops that faded into blue-white clouds; blue-green spruce trees that disappeared into a blue-green valley.

What I noticed as we worked patiently side-by-side was that by paying attention to the smallest details--a tip of a tree on this piece; a subtle change in color on that piece--as more and more pieces were put into place, more details and distinguishing subtleties of the remaining look-alike pieces could be seen.

We were becoming less overwhelmed by the apparent sameness of things with which we had started.

It occurred to me as I was headed home that night, that with clearness comes more clearness. Sometimes when we focus on the cloudiest, foggiest parts of our life, and tend to them with diligence, patience, and help, we can begin to see subtle variations and tiny shifts of forward movement...

The in-breaking of Light through the fog.


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Peterson Toscano said...

Lovely, just lovely. Thank you for this at just the right time.