February 7, 2006

Resting from your own will

While I was looking for something completely unrelated in Britain Yearly Meeting's Faith & Practice, I came across this passage, which apparently appears in a number of other books of discipline.


When you come to your meetings... what do you do? Do you then gather together bodily only, and kindle a fire, compassing yourselves with the sparks of your own kindling, and so please yourself...? Or rather do you sit down in the true silence, resting from your own will and workings, and waiting upon the Lord, with your minds fixed in that Light wherewith Christ has enlightened you... and prepares you, and your spirits and souls, to make you fit for his service?

William Penn, 1677



Nancy A said...

A great little phrase. These guys really had a way with words.

earthfreak said...

Yes, thanks for sharing this, Liz. I have never seen it before. It's a wonderful summation of what we seek in meeting, and what we struggle with.

It's also helpful for me to be reminded that early quakers didnt' have some innate ability that we (I) lack to "rest from our own will"