July 23, 2006

Off to Iowa once again

This week [Seventh Month 2006] I head to the hometown of Herbert Hoover, near which will be held the annual sessions of Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative).

This will be the second time attending these particular sessions, and it looks as if I will run into fellow Quaker-blogger Kody... but will miss Conservative Friend and Quaker-blogger Marshall, as he approaches Baltimore Yearly Meeting territory at the end of his trek.

During Meeting for Worship today, I spent some time recognizing that I had found yet another way to put myself in the center of my Quakerism: I had caught myself imagining having all my high expectations about IYM(C) met simply because I had had such a good time last year... because I had ZERO expectations last year.

I was making IYM(C) be all about ME: Would I have such a good time again? Who would I see there? What new people would I meet there? Would I enjoy the singing as much? Would the business sessions be as grounded in worship as they had been last year?

Would I come away from sessions being a better Friend, a better Conservative Friend...?

What I need to be doing is putting God in the center:

What will God ask of me?

How might I be of service?

What will help me stay open and attentive to the gentle promptings of the Spirit, despite the busyness of the sessions, so that I might be a faithful servant?
I'll let you know how it goes when I return.



Liz in the Mist said...

I will be holding Iowa Yearly Meeting in the Light this week!! Enjoy the Tuesday night presentation--I met both the girls at WGYF and they are both great people!

Robin M. said...

I still hope you have a great trip and that you come back feeling like you have learned to be a better Friend - however God may define that for you.

Liz Opp said...

Hey, Robin and Lovin' Life Liz--

Thanks for the good wishes. I just hope I can survive the near-100 degree heat! Maybe that'll be enough... smile


Anonymous said...

Liz, I hope you are nourished in mind, heart and soul by your time at our yearly meeting, and that you are given many opportunities to be serviceable there.

And I look forward to your report when you return. Oh, be generous in your reporting!