December 23, 2006

Isaac Penington, anyone?

Away with your notions, and empty husks, O several sorts of professors! come to the thing itself, or rather wait on the Lord to be led to it, that ye may feel the seed, the pure seed, the living seed, the Holy One of God, and may know its planting and growth in you... --Isaac Penington
In the event that Friends or seekers do a search for Isaac Penington and want to be able to see how a handful of us are wrestling with the meaning and interpretation of some of his words from one particular essay, there is an exchange in the comments of the previous post. Just so you know.


P.S. The works of Isaac Penington can be read online.


Peterson Toscano said...

I adore Pennington's writings and do not profess to understand them, but I find something stirs deep within me whenever I read his words.

BrianH said...


Thanks for posting the link to Penington's writings; I didn't know they were available online and what a great resource.

Tonight I was reading them when my wife walked by and asked what I was looking at, and I said without thinking, "Isaac Penington's blog".


Anonymous said...

No one can begin to fully understand the Scriptures or what the first true Christian Quakers wrote until he or she has first obeyed Mt 6:33. The first true Christian Quakers knew and obeyed. So have I. I learned what the first true Christians Quakers believed and taught 3 and 1/2 years before I even knew about their beliefs and what they wrote! How is this possible? Begin at Mt 6:33! Believe and repent, Mk 1:14-15. Be taught by God, not man, Mt 23:8-13; Jn 6:45. Write me if you like at canawedding at aol dot com, anne robare