January 30, 2008

The Good Raised Up gets ready for a face lift

Something seems to have gone awry at Blogger, and suddenly very, very small type has been inserted into parts of the sidebar and homepage of The Good Raised Up. I've been able to address and correct some things on my own, but I'm reluctant to put more time into the repair.

So it's likely that I'll switch to a new template, maybe as early as next week... which in turn may mean that all of us will have to get used to a different format and a different way of exploring archives, etc.

If anyone has already gone through this transition and can give me any pointers--especially about things that might "go missing"--I'd appreciate it! (I'm not as tech-savvy as Blogger makes me appear... smile)


1 comment:

Robin M. said...

No, I haven't ever switched templates or gone to the "new blogger" version - for fear of what all might go wrong. I'll be watching you...