July 20, 2008

FYI: Pendle Hill job opening

Recently I received an email from Pendle Hill's Dean of Students, Walter Hjelt Sullivan. It so happens he, his wife, and I went to college together, but it's taken more than twenty years for us to strike up an acquaintance. Walter contacted me, seeking help to get the word out about an important job opening at Pendle Hill.

Even though the job announcement is a bit out of the scope of what I write about on The Good Raised Up, it's close enough to my concern about finding people to help convey our faith and help sustain us as who we are as Friends... despite the fact that PH has a reach far beyond Quakers!

If you or someone you know might fit the bill, please contact Walter. His information is at the end of his remarks, below. --Liz

This summer at Pendle Hill we have been richly blessed by the gratitude and enthusiasm of many. We are excited by our up-coming program schedule. In the midst of this, our long-time Director of Short-term Education Programs, John Meyer, is leaving. We are sad to see him go, but find in that experience a tremendous opportunity. I will be hiring and supervising the new person.

Would you help me find those energetic, visionary individuals who can rise to the challenges of program development, team work, teaching/workshop leading and living in community? We need to quickly identify candidates for this role. Full details on the position are on [this page] on the Pendle Hill Website.

Please forward this message to anyone in your network that might be the person or who might know the person who could serve Friends and Pendle Hill in this way at this time. Or send your suggestion or your resume to me: wsullivan AT pendlehill DOT org

Thank you for your interest, your support, and your creative thinking.

Much Love,
Walter Hjelt Sullivan
wsullivan AT pendlehill DOT org
610/566-4507 x160

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Liz for your support. I hope that someone with vision and the right skill set appears.
With much love and appreciation,