May 20, 2009

The Quaker Blog Reader meets the FGC Gathering

Thanks for the suggestions and comments about a possible title for the upcoming Quaker blog reader. I've got news!

First of all, I'm very close to settling on a title. It's based on an earlier suggestion, with one change:

    Writing Cheerfully on the Web: A Quaker Blog Reader.

I've got to make a decision about the title in the next few days.


Quaker author and fellow blogger Brent Bill has agreed to write a short preface! There are not enough "Thank thee's" in plain speech to express my gratitude. I am humbled that he said yes. (Thanks again, Brent!)

And that's not all.

My goal is to have the Quaker blog reader available by June 23 and hopefully about a week earlier. It would initially be available through, and whenever that time is, you all will be among the first to know! The price is up in the air, though, since I don't have a page count yet... but the page count is quickly approaching 200 or more. The Quaker blogosphere has generated a lot of good reading!

And the final bit of news:

FGC and I have been working to arrange for a session at the Gathering for me to introduce and talk about the Quaker blog reader! If any of you will be at the Gathering this summer, please pencil in 4:30-5:30 on Monday, June 29 and join me as a presenter. I'd love to have some company talk about blogs, the book, the Convergent conversation... (I don't know that anyone has proposed an interest group--I know that I haven't!) Any and all of you are welcome, or encourage someone from your meeting who is attending the Gathering to look for this session. Keep in mind: This isn't quite firm--much of it depends on having copies of the book on site!--but my sense is it will be a go, God willing and I don't get ahead of my Guide...

The hope is that QuakerBooks of FGC will also sell the Quaker blog reader, since they already sell Martin's Quaker Ranter Reader. Woo-hoo!

Thanks to everyone for your support.

And blessed be to the One who seems to have had me in Its care all this time.



Mark Wutka said...

Hi Liz!
Do you think it might sound better to put "over" back in there instead of "on" - "Writing Cheerfully Over the Web ..."? It just sounds a little closer to the original quote. I'm sorry I'll have to miss your presentation, I bet it will be great!
With love,

Rich in Brooklyn said...

I still like "Walking Cheerfully Over the Web." Not literally possible, of course, but then neither is writing either over or on a web.
But I don't think the title will matter very much once the book comes out. Thanks again for this project!