December 25, 2009

One hand blogging

I jammed my wrist very badly while shoveling during our holiday snowstorm, making it very tedious to type with my non-dominant hand while I rest my right hand.

There are some things I wish to write about: a conversation I had with a Friend about what makes up the "gestalt" of Quakerism, the upcoming Pacific Northwest Quaker Women's Theological Conference, and thoughts about open worship and the related discussion going on at QuakerQuaker (click on Forum)...

But it's taxing me to type even this much.

I hope to be back online soon...



RantWoman said...

Dunno if something else to respond to helps, but I definitely hope your wrist feels better soon!

Mary Ellen said...

Sorry the heavy, sloppy mess of snow did in your wrist. I'm interested to hear more about this upcoming theological conference. Heal up soon

Liz Opp said...

Thanks for the encouraging words. Resting the hand has definitely helped.