March 30, 2010

Two workshops in May 2010

Every now and then, I get the itch to create and present a workshop for area Quakers that I hope will join us together in a fun and fruitful way.

When I add to that a desire to find ways to generate funds to bring to my part of the country a prominent Quaker presenter or a notable workshop that goes beyond an introductory session about Quakerism, well, that just makes me all the more eager to get going.

Since last fall, I've been working with a clearness committee around short- and long-term plans to help transform Minnesota into a destination for Quaker presenters and not just a fly-over zone.

Ideally, these two workshops are the first of a series to raise seed money to be put toward Quaker presenters with some name recognition.

Dirty Words in Modern Day Quakerism
May 1st, 2010


In this workshop, we’ll identify words and practices that seem to be dismissed or underappreciated by Friends today. We’ll dig into some historical and contemporary examples of those practices and explore the merit—or lack thereof—of reclaiming them for ourselves as modern-day Friends.

To register, or for more information about Dirty Words, click here.

Fear Factor: Getting Out of Our Own Way
May 15, 2010

Speaking up.
Offering vocal ministry.
Seeking membership.

In this workshop, we’ll look at what Friends today seem most afraid of pursuing. Through hands-on activities, answering queries, and worship sharing, we’ll learn how we get in our own way—and consider how to get out of it so we may be better prepared to serve the meeting, the wider community, and God.

To register, or for more information about Fear Factor, click here.



Su said...

Liz, not only do I love both these workshop ideas, but the dingbat of an acorn and leaf you used as a decoration is one of my tattoos!

Ashley W said...

Reading about these workshops makes me wish (again) that you were coming to the Quaker Women's Theology Conference. They are so related to our theme! Even though I will be sad not to have you there, I am glad that you are making Friends think about these topics in another part of the country. Blessings on your ministry.

anj said...

Love these topics...If I was closer, or not on the downslope of a very extended move, I would be there. Timely and ripe, that's how those topics feel to me.

Liz Opp said...

WoW, I am humbled by your responses, ladies. Thank you, thank you...

Su -

A Quaker acquaintance is working on a logo for me but I didn't want to wait any longer to announce these workshops. Plus I was eager to have something a bit more visual to add to the flyer. Thank goodness for a long selection of fonts and "dingbats" to choose from!

Ashley -

I wish (again) that I felt clear to travel to the Conference and meet you and so many others... But your comment reminds me that I want to consider the Conference's theme and see about writing my own reflection paper for The Good Raised Up--and be connected in Spirit to you and other women who will be attending.

Anj -

So good to see your words... I hope the last bit of "downslope" is a gentle one. It seems like your journey has taken quite a while, but such types of journeys often do. ...In any case, wherever God finds you, I trust you will be well used and I hope you will remain gentle with yourself.