August 24, 2005

Audio: Quaker youth speak out

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Thanks to Paul L. of Showers of Blessings, who has a link to an audio feature within the online version of Friends Journal.

The audio feature allows web-surfers to listen online to young adult Friends, talking about their Quakerism, the importance of gatherings to them, choices they make about life, and more.

I acknowledge I haven't had a chance to listen to these audio-articles, except in the smallest snippets, while I'm visiting with friends.

In addition, if you're like me, where learning-through-listening is among your weakest skills, then listening online might get tedious. Still, it may be worth it to poke around and click on a few topics in order to "eavesdrop" on what some young Friends are talking about.

Also of interest might be this brief history about the "quake as retreat" phenomenon among young midwestern Friends.


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