August 20, 2005

World Gathering of Young Friends

I have been reminded that we can see photographs and listen to presentations from the World Gathering of Young Friends online. I have only begun to look at the World Gathering's home page, taking time to let a few photos come and go before scrolling down to review what audio might be available.

I also took time to read and consider the 1985 epistle from the previous WGYF, held at Guilford College, North Carolina. In particular, this epistle seems to address concerns that are still alive today: given the branches of Friends, what unites us as Quakers; and how do we live into the Testimonies that are intrinsic to letting our lives preach? One quotable phrase:

...We are called to be peacemakers, not protestors.

I'm hoping that an attender or two from either the 1985 or the 2005 World Gathering will share their experiences online. Martin K's Quaker Blog Watch has pointed to the August 18 post from an Indiana Friend who is at the World Gathering, which ends on August 24.

I find I am hungry to learn more of how the Spirit is moving among Friends, especially young Friends and especially around the world...



Paul L said...

"...We are called to be peacemakers, not protestors."

Indeed, but remember that "protest" means "testify for." Like "pacifism" (peace making), "protest" denotes positive activity, not negative.

The fact that that the good word "protest" has been allowed to become a synonym for "complain about" is but another example of how we've let our language become degraded.

Liz Opp said...

Thanks for sharing the original meaning and intention of the word "protest." I ended up looking at the word and its roots at, an online reference I enjoy.

I also enjoy learning about the intentions with which early Friends "remade" the English language (e.g. using numbers to name the days and months; use of plain speech/thee and thou; etc.). I think the way that Friends use language with such care is one of the things that draws me into the faith more fully.


Claire said...

Ahh, that link is painfully overwhelming and awesome! I wish I were there, but since I'm not, I wish I had time to go through most of these links - but I don't.

In fact, I don't really have time to do much of anything but tackle my massive TO DO list, but I digress.

Thanks for posting this; through my chaos, I'm still managing to be in touch here and there.

[Off to study chemistry now.]

Love and Light,