September 1, 2005

Blogs about New Orleans/Katrina

Here are a few random blogs, briefly screened by me. Be mindful of taking breaks to digest what you read, it might be different from what is being reported in the mainstream media.

Ray in Austin: includes reports of famous jazz musicians who are missing

Metroblogging New Orleans: nine bloggers share a blog near New Orleans

Joe's Razor: This list of offers from around the country, by people who are opening up their homes to hurricane survivors, brought tears to my eyes. His other post has some horrifying details about the situation at the Superdome...

What's particularly unnerving for me is to see that many blogs about New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina have as their last entry something dated August 28 or August 29.

"We're riding out the storm."

"We see lights going out across the street."

"We've heard to expect the storm to pass by around 11:00 tonight."

Prayers, please.


From Craig's List, to offer aid, volunteer, open your home, etc.


Nina said...

Really good post. Thank you.

Peterson Toscano said...

Liz, sobering. thank you for providing these voices. wow, it really hits home hearing it in their words.