September 23, 2005

Worship group has a name

The Conservative-leaning worship group that I have been a part of now has a name! At our August Meeting for Worship for Business, we approved and warmly embraced the name Laughing Waters Friends Worship Group.

Our next step is to find clearness around whether to affiliate with Northern Yearly Meeting or with Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative), a question we have been holding and discerning for nearly two years. In early October, Laughing Waters Friends will be meeting with two couples from IYM(C), in the hopes to learn more about Conservative Quakerism.

If anyone finds themselves in the Twin Cities area and wants to visit and worship with Laughing Waters Friends Worship Group, please get in touch with me at "lizopp AT gmail DOT com."

Or perhaps in a short while, we'll have a website of our very own... although there are no promises around what "a short while" means!



Amanda said...

Ooooh! How exciting! I'll be holding all of you as you continue your discernment.

Joe G. said...

Fantastic news. Great name, too: Laughing Waters Friends Worship Group. It sounds lighthearted, but centered in a specific place/space. Of course, I continue interested in the discernment process regarding YM affiliation. I know where I hope things lean, but that's a complete bias and has nothing to do with discernment. :)

David Bridger said...

That's good news, Liz, and it's a lovely name. Deep and joyful. :)

Liz Opp said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Friends.

Today in worship, the cats were very loud with their mewing. I started to chuckle at one point, and at the rise of meeting, I said that perhaps we had chosen the wrong name, and that instead we should be called:

Mewing Cats Worship Group.