March 16, 2006

Convention for progressive faith bloggers

Today I fell down the rabbit hole of blogs and bloggers and came across the website for the upcoming Progressive Faith Blog Con. It will be held July 14-16, 2006 (just a week after FGC's Gathering!), not too far from New York City.

Here is what the homepage for that event says:

Faith and politics have the capacity to profoundly divide, or to profoundly connect. Progressive Faith BlogCon is a chance for progressive bloggers of faith to meet one another, talk with one another, and learn from one another.

Our progressive politics are rooted in our theologies, and our theological stances inform our politics; why not celebrate them together? During this weekend gathering we'll break bread together, talk about the subjects that fire our passions, and put faces with the names on our blogrolls.
I thought some of us Quaker bloggers and readers might be interested in this gathering.

It looks like Velveteen Rabbi is in charge of gathering ideas for a panel. I can't help but think what it might be like to have Quaker bloggers involved somehow.

Any takers?



Nancy A said...

I'm thinking that would be a very interesting bunch of people. Wow. Who's lucky enough to live within a half-day's drive of NYC?

Paula said...

Liz and Nancy,

I live within a half-days drive of NYC plus I have family there with plenty of sleeping space. I can and would love to do this.

Liz Opp said...

Hi Nancy A. and Paula-

Thanks for dropping by. Paula, keep us posted if you pursue this opportunity!