July 23, 2008

A "New Kind of Quaker" conference

While I was attending the annual sessions of North Carolina Conservative, a Friend approached me and asked if I had heard anything about an upcoming conference that would be dedicated to Convergent Friends.

My answer?

No, I hadn't.

(Usually a group of bloggers and other Friends interested in the Convergent conversation have a meet-up that is planned outside of a larger gathering, such as during Robin's experience at a recent QUIP meeting.)

Yesterday I remembered to look for such a thing: I did a Google search for "Max Carter convergent Friends." I came up with this blog post by Scott Wagoner. Here's an excerpt:

Just letting you know that Max Carter is planning a Quaker Renewal conference in November to be held at Deep River Friends Meeting in High Point, NC. It's theme will be "A New Kind of Quaker" and is intended to bring together young adults, seasoned (old) adults, and others that have an interest in what a "new kind of Quaker" looks like for the 21st century...
I also did a bit of searching within QuakerQuaker, unsure if someone had already tagged this post, but it doesn't look like it.

So I thought I'd lift up the November event in case anyone missed it on the blog A New Kind of Quaker.

Of course I have my own reactions when I look at the likely workshops and the event's organizers--but my reactions are such because I haven't met Max Carter, Scott Wagoner, or a number of other Friends who are involved!

If any bloggers plan to attend, do let us know.

...Hmm, I wonder if there will be a Convergent Friends meet-up apart from the Convergent Friends event....? smile



Anonymous said...

I've had the "who is the who-ha is that" response to a few "Convergent" calls to action. Even if he hasn't written in it much, at least Scott W has had a blog for years. This sounds like a particularly interesting event though I have no Quaker travel budget. I hope some QuakerQuaker bloggers do make it down (or some bloggers there become regular QuakerQuaker bloggers) so we can get a good report of proceedings!

Cecilia said...

Max planned this on the same weekend as the last retreat for this session of the School of the Spirit. So I will be in Durham, NC that weekend. But I am dangling this in front of my husband, Mark. If there is vacation time left, maybe he will want to go and we can arrange the trip together.

Ceal Wutka

Liz Opp said...

Martin -

I'm starting to wonder how an online community can set up some infrastructure that would allow for bloggers (for example) to put money into, say, a travel fund for, say, Convergent Friends events... It would be different from someone's own personal PayPal account; different from the plea of "Help me get to such-and-so-event; click here to donate..."

I think I'm thinking of this because one Friend in our worship group wanted financial help to attend an FGC event, if Way were open. A number of us commented that if she were clear to travel, we would help make it happen, given the type of event it was (the Religious Education Institute) and the needs of the worship group (greater intention towards First Day School).

The question of how Friends involved in the Convergent conversation might support Friends so they can attend Convergent events in order to bring new Light into the Quakersphere still lingers with me...

Ceal -

Oooh, sounds like it could work! ...I was so glad to have seen you and Mark at North Carolina Conservative sessions, too.


Anonymous said...
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