August 1, 2007

A preview of posts to come

Oh my. So many weeks have gone by and I have much to write about but not enough time to write about it all!

Consider this a preview of topics I hope to cover, in no particular order, in Eighth Month 2007:

  • Demystifying the Gathering's workshop selection process (I plan to post something after I have submitted the final report from the Workshops Committee)

  • Directions to a game I learned at Iowa Yearly Meeting Conservative's annual sessions, called Telephone Pictionary.
    UPDATE: Read about the game here.

  • A summary of Marshall Massey's plenary--that is, his accounting of his faithfulness to travel from Omaha to Harrisonburg, Virginia in 2006 (Marshall's own posts are contained at his Earthwitness Journal in reverse chronological order)

  • A post about everything else related to IYM(C) sessions: new insights and musings, points of interest that arose from Meeting for Worship with attention to Business, and my own opportunity to serve on an ad hoc committee.
    UPDATE: I've completed Part I of my reflections.
  • I'll do my best to get to these things, and I believe they'll come more easily after I complete the final report on behalf of the Workshops Committee for the 2007 Gathering.



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