August 4, 2007

Some threads of who/what Convergent Friends are

This is a cross-post from a comment I made on Robin's post, in which she seeks a short-hand to explain to Friends just who or what Convergent Friends are:
"people who are engaged in the renewal movement within the Religious Society of Friends, across all the branches of Friends."
As Robin mentions in a reply to a comment on her post, it is a challenge to consider and craft a definition that isn't simply a perfect reflection of me!

I've made a brief comment on Martin's post already but I realize I wanted to respond here as well.

I'm not sure this "short explanation" goes far enough or is specific enough. I'm thinking back to the "components" of the word convergent that Robin offered originally: emergent and conservative--as in, conservation of the faith and its practice.

Is there a way to include these in even a broad explanation? For example:
Convergent Friends are those who (1) are engaged in the emergence of the renewal movement that is occurring across the branches of the RSoF; (2) have a concern for exploring, conserving, and restoring what contributes to a vibrant, cohesive, intergenerational Quakerism; (3) are dedicated to re-examining and wrestling with our faith tradition's roots and practices; and (4) are not Christophobic, anti-Universalism, etc.
Okay, so it's a mouthful but it was a helpful exercise for ME, anyway, to pull out some of the threads, as Martin had done in a much earlier post on Quaker Ranter.



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