February 25, 2005

FGC Gathering workshop on Quaker Identity

UPDATE: A full description of this workshop is now available online. All are welcome!
As the annual FGC Gathering of Friends gets ever closer, I am getting ever busier with pulling my thoughts, handouts, and activities together for the workshop I am scheduled to offer, entitled Quaker Identity: Yearning, Forming, Deepening.

Martin Kelley writes about the workshop that he and Zachary Moon will be offering during the same event, and Martin and I have had a few back-and-forths about being workshop leaders. I feel carried along in a stream where a few others are swimming, in pursuit of a renewed, vital Quakerism. It's not as lonely a journey as I thought it might have been. I also feel as though I am continuing to find my voice on topics such as eldership, peer transmission of our Quakerism, identity development, living with Quaker paradoxes, etc.

Following Martin's lead, here's my workshop description that I submitted for the FGC Gathering program:
There is a difference between spiritual formation and spiritual formation of a Quaker identity. Through personal sharing we may alleviate some of our spiritual hunger, explore what builds identity, and experience some of what may contribute to a meaningful Quakerism. Presenter’s Quakerism is God-based; workshop draws on that orientation.

I hope to keep y'all updated as things progress.



Amanda said...

Wow Liz - there is so much good fermentation going on around this FGC gathering. I hope way opens for me to attend it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz:
Thanks for leading this seminar. I hope I get to make it. There is so much to discuss in terms of creating a vital Quaker community. This is something I feel so passionate about, as you know.