August 14, 2005

Tags and a catalogue of links

NOTE, October 2007:

This post is now in two sections. The first is a set of the tags (which are also links) that I have been using for The Good Raised Up--and a link to my page. The second section is my original "catalogue of links" that I have been updating occasionally, ever since posting it in 2005.

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Tags used in The Good Raised Up

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  • Catalogue of links

    A few months ago [Spring, Summer 2005], I was coming across so many outstanding blog-posts that I wanted a way to catalogue them for easy retrieval... well, easier, anyway. I began cutting-and-pasting the links to these posts on my computer's "Post-It note" application, and now that list is quite long.

    So it's time for me to post them now, so I can find them later. From time to time, I'll likely add to the list. No doubt I will not include everyone's favorite post or series of posts, and for that, I apologize in advance.

    My intention is completely selfish and self-serving: that is, for me myself to have a way to access what has resonated deeply with me, or has given me tremendous food for thought at the time.


    NOTE, June 2006: Beppe's links no longer work, since the original "beppeblog" has transitioned to another site. I am, however, leaving the subject of his posts within the catalogue. I know Beppe is on his own journey, and I miss his take on Quakerism already.

    UPDATE, April 2007: Rob's links no longer work; he's been out of the loop for awhile, but I am only now updating this list... No doubt over time, fewer and fewer links will be active, as people move on.

    My personal list of significant blog posts

    Quaker Basics
    Rich of Brooklyn Quaker, on vocal ministry
    Trev, stages of worship
    Barry, the heart of Quaker experience
    Paul L, Quakerism's core
    Claire's compilation on the essence of Quakerism
    Paul L, the elephant and the blind men, especially the comments
    Paul L, 100 Quaker things Friends should know
    Martin, the centrality of God in Quakerism
    Marshall, the corporate practice of Quakerism
    Rich, "that of God in everyone" ...that of God in every one"...and quite the discussion ensues
    Will, how we know it is God who leads us

    Concerned Members One of Another
    James R's guest piece, spiritual inclusiveness and nontheism
    Beppe comments on Universalism
    Beppe's series on uberQuakers
    Paul L, treading down reasoning to meet together in unity
    Martin on Quaker youth and YAFs [4/2007, discovered link is not active]
    Rob, on attracting Young Friends
    Nancy A., explanations for a weak worship experience
    Beppe's discomfort when there is a call for interior work
    Rob's own catalogue of significant posts
    Pam, where have all the Quaker leaders gone
    Zach, how modern Friends differ from early Friends

    Quaker Identity, Renewal, & Discipline
    Rob, discerning to blog
    Beppe writes about corporate identity vs. individualism
    Danny, on radical Quakerism [4/2007, discovered link is not active]
    Barry, Quaker renewal
    Rob considers faithful lives and Quaker identity
    Peggy, being a message bearer and not an orator
    Peggy, attending to what is around us
    Mark, are Liberal Quakers burying the "talent" we've been given?

    Mending Quaker Schisms
    Guest piece on Quaker Ranter, traveling to meet with Quakers
    Robin M., her vision of reunifying Quakerism
    Peggy's description of convergence among Friends

    Faith Crisis
    Martin, Ranters and liberal Friends
    Kwakersaur, spirituality without faith (Oct. 2007 - link no longer active)
    Johan, discontent among Friends
    Rob, crisis of the Quaker faith tradition
    Contemplative Scholar, queries about disillusionment with Quakers

    Christianity and Quakerism
    Beppe, a Quaker Christianity?
    Rich, a Christian Quakerism?
    Beppe compares and contrasts Martha and Mary energy
    Sarah, calling herself Christian (or not)
    Lorcan, challenge of Jesus language
    Nancy A's thoughts on just wars

    Specific Experiences in Worship
    Alice, on prayer (Oct. 2007 - link no longer active)
    Rob, God getting a word in edgewise
    Gregg Koskela intervenes to protect the spiritual safety of open worship
    Jon, how his Friends Church calls upon God during worship

    Rachel of Velveteen Rabbi, on Jewish renewal
    Rachel of Velveteen Rabbi, 40 weeks leading up to Yom Kippur
    Rachel, answers to questions about the Jewish blogosphere

    October 7, 2005
    March 17, 2006 [reorganized into categories]
    June 17, 2006 [includes attributing a post to the correct blogger. Sorry, Rich!]
    October 2007 [added tags-as-links]


    Martin Kelley said...

    Hi Liz,
    Great list. I've been collecting some too on and off but don't have an easy way of outputting...

    I'd recommend the Scrapbook extension for anyone using the Firefox browser: it allows you to easily save and organize copies of webpages. I've just used it to archive Liz's favorites!

    Liz Opp said...

    Thanks for this tip, Martin. Do you have a similar tip for Mac users who use the Safari browser? smile