August 13, 2006

Canadian Yearly Meeting: Game on!

Well, after nearly a week of fatigue, fever, body aches, headaches, and nausea, I recovered enough in order to get myself to Canadian Yearly Meeting... and only a day late at that!

Much of the week's time is dedicated to business, so perhaps I'll float on over to attend a business session or two for Young Friends, just for a change of pace.

And speaking of Young Friends, just today I have seen three Friends of various ages wearing the Quaker Youth, Speak Thy Truth! t-shirt... and I of course brought my own as well.

In addition, on the large white board that sits in front of this bay of 18 computers, someone has written the URL, and I am sitting here wondering:

Do I dare grab a marker and post as well???
Oooooh, don't tempt me so!



Liz in the Mist said...

I have heard of these shirts--do you know where I could buy one? Is there an online way to buy them?

Robin M. said...

Why not write on the whiteboard?

Would that not be a service? Did you feel it would be immodest?

Liz Opp said...

Lovin' Life Liz - I bought mine at FGC's summer Gathering. And I just did a search for shirts through QuakerBooks of FGC, but came up empty. My guess is that you could call FGC or QuakerBooks and ask them about the QuakerYouth t-shirts: I imagine there is a way to buy them, somewhere within FGC, given that the shirt is an outgrowth of the Youth Ministries Program that FGC recently got started.

Robin - Here are a few reasons why I am not currently clear to write on the white board:

1. I am a visitor to the yearly meeting, appointed by FGC. I do what I can to be available to Friends who have questions about FGC but also somewhat invisible... kind of like the non-interference clause of the prime directive from Star Trek.

2. Are there some unspoken norms about use of the white board that I don't know about? After all, no new URLs have been listed since the first day I came to the computer room.

3. I simply don't feel clear to add it to the board.

All that said, Robin, I'm sure I'd feel better if you or Martin or just about any other blogger were here and just did it!


Kody Gabriel said...

*flies to Canada and writes on white board*

About those shirts- everyone seems to want one! I'm pretty sure that we didn't print any more than we planned to distribute at FGC gathering, and those are gone. But I'm going to suggest that we print some more. I'll keep y'all posted.

Paul L said...

Oh for heaven's sake.

Just do it already.

Liz Opp said...

You all are so funny... Thanks for the "white board" encouragement. What I did feel clear to do was put an announcement into what is comparable to the FGC Gathering's daily bulletin. That seems to get to a wider audience here at CYM anyway.

In the meantime, no other URLs have been listed on the board, and no amount of virtual peer pressure is gonna get me to do something I don't feel comfortable doing! (Paul, peer pressure didn't work on me in high school, either!)