June 29, 2009

URL for ordering Writing Cheerfully on the Web

I'm pecking away at my iGadget's virtual keyboard, so I'm keeping this short:

Now that the book reading is behind me at FGC's Gathering, I feel freer to share how to order a copy of the book, whether for yourself, for a fFriend, or for your worship community:

UPDATE, 18 November 2009: Order directly from me. I can write an inscription if you wish. You can send me an email to lizopp AT gmail DOT com.

UPDATE, 17 July 2009: QuakerBooks now has the book available on its website. Click here.

UPDATE, 9 July 2009: Feel free to call QuakerBooks to place an order: 1-800-966-4556. Toll free call within the U.S.

1. Order from QuakerBooks. This is my preferred method because sales support FGC. And remember that FGC offers a discount on orders for a book study group, even if it's only for a handful of copies. NOTE: The book is NOT listed currently on the website (29 June 2009), probably because QB received the books during Gathering. I imagine their website will be updated in early July, after staff return to Philadelphia. See "Comments."

2. Order directly from Lulu.com. Discounts start at orders of 25, I think, but you can find an online coupon at RetailMeNot.com, under Lulu, I think.

3. Order directly from me. I'll be happy to personalize your copy if you ask. Send me an email to lizopp AT gmail DOT com.

Thanks for all your support, once again!



Cat C-B (and/or Peter B) said...

The book is not listed at Quaker Books! I have searched under its title and under your name, and it simply does not show up.

Are copies of Writing Cheerfully going to be special orders through Quaker Books, or are they planning eventually to add a link? I, too, would prefer to link to Quaker Books, and to direct my own readers there for their copies, but not if they need to special order it; I'm not sure they would have the patience for that...

Liz Opp said...

Cat, good question! The book probably doesn't show up on QB's website yet because they received the copies only a few days ago when Gathering started. There is a listing in the printed supplement to the QB annual catalog and I'm guessing the website will be updated as soon as they can... but maybe not until after they get back to Philadelphia.

Sorry about that. If I find out anything different later today or tomorrow, I'll mention it here.


Liz Opp said...

UPDATE: You can EMAIL your book order to bookstore@fgcquaker.org


Imperfect Serenity said...

My copy made it safely home from Gathering, though I haven't had a chance to open it yet. Great getting to know you a little bit better, too, Liz. I'm sure we'll cross paths in the future. And good luck with the book!